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Poster sessions: Tuesday, August 29th 18:00 - 20:00h (Poster Session I) and Wednesday, August 30th 18:00 - 20:00h (Poster Session II), 2023.

Poster Session I at Club SASA: Topics 1, 2, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 11 and 12
Poster Session II at Club SASA: Topics 3, 4 and 9

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Topic 1 - Quantum optics and ultracold systems

Q.O.2Dragan Marković Anomalous diffusion and mixed dynamics in a classical Bose-Hubbard chain
Q.O.3Marija Ĉurčić Correlated photon pairs by Four Wave Mixing in alkali vapor for imaging application
Q.O.4Ivana Vasić Transport of cold bosonic atoms in optical lattices
Q.O.5Aleksandra Milenković Experimental and theoretical study of the phase response of Mx magnetometer to modulating transversal magnetic field
Q.O.6Milica Perić Spontaneous emission of three-level ladder-type atom coupled to one-dimensional rectangular waveguide

Topic 2 - Nonlinear optics

N.O.1Vladan Pavlović Absorption coefficients and refractive index changes in a strongly prolate and strongly oblate ellipsoidal quantum dot
N.O.2Milica Nedić Impact of nonlinearity on the zero-mode lasing in optical lattices
N.O.3Aleksandra Maluckov The modulation instability triggered band relaxation in photonic Chern insulator
N.O.4Petra Beličev Coupled vortex generator in active multi-core fibers
N.O.5Michael Gensch Electric-field induced SHG (EFISHG) in graphene?
N.O.6Stanko Nikolić Rogue wave clusters of the nonlinear Schrodinger equation composed of Akhmediev breathers and Kuznetsov-Ma solitons
N.O.7Aleksandra Strinić Counterpropagating rogue waves

Topic 3 - Optical materials

O.M.1Vladimir Damljanović Centrosymmetric, non-symmorpic, non-magnetic, spin-orbit coupled layers without Dirac cones: a tight-binding example
O.M.2Jelena Potočnik Helical and square-spiral copper nanostructures: The effect of thickness and deposition conditions on the structural and optical properties
O.M.4Branka Hadzić Interference effect in surface modified ZnS nanoparticles / Poly (methylmethacrylate) nanocomposites
O.M.5Maja Popović Metal ion implanted TiN thin films: Induced effects on structural and optical properties
O.M.6Branka Murić Real-time fabrication of microstructures on the modified chitosan
O.M.7Lucie Leguay Optimization of UV LED design using evolutionary algorithms
O.M.8Djordje Trpkov Yellow fluorescent, water soluble N-doped graphene quantum dots: synthesis, photoluminescence and functionalization with L-Phenylalanine
O.M.9Martin Cigl Large Thermally Irreversible Photoinduced Shift of Selective Light Reflection in Hydrazone-Containing Cholesteric Polymer Systems
O.M.10Andrijana Solajić Strain-Induced Modulation of Electronic and Optical Properties in hBN/Group III Monochalcogenide Heterostructures
O.M.11Dragana Tošić Anthocyanin-functionalized biopolymer films as pH-sensitive indicators

Topic 4 - Biophotonics

B.4Ayse Mine Saridag Fabrication of flexible diatomite-based SERS active platforms
B.5Aleksa Denčevski Development of two-dimensional superresolution fluorescence microscope with structured illumination
B.7Krastena Nikolova Bioactive compounds of Carlina acanthifolia L. roots obtained by fractional extraction and their 3D fluorescence spectra
B.8Iva Popović Carbon quantum dots/silver based metal organic framework composites in light enhanced wound healing
B.9Maja Nešić Anti-cancer and imaging potential of fluorescent black carrot Carbon Dot nanoparticles
B.10Anamarija Abu el Rub In search of conditions for Gd-TiO2 activation by light irradiation in photodynamic treatment of pancreatic cancer cells
B.12Aleksandra Zhelyazkova Optical skin biopsy through multispectral approach and prototype device
B.13Tsanislava Genova Novel approach for colon cancer detection through fluorescence spectroscopy
B.14Tanja Pajić In vivo multiphoton imaging of a filamentous fungus Phycomyces blakesleeanus: the effect of small ambient temperature increase on mitochondrial morphology and lipid droplets density
B.15Vojislav Stanić Synthesis of europium-doped fluorapatite as a promising luminescent biomaterial
B.16Branislav Salatić FEM analysis of natural photonic structures of insects in the IR band
B.18Danica Pavlović Functionalization of biological/bioinspired structures for multispectral surveillance
B.19Dejan Pantelić A compact holographic imaging sensor for biophotonic structures
B.20Marta Bukumira Cutting edge technique for determination of spatial resolution limits of nonlinear laser scanning microscopy
B.21Evgenije Novta Optical fiber curing of a dental composite: a holographic, thermographic, and Raman study
B.22Jovana Jelić Exploring the Nano-scale World using a custom-made Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy (FCS) instrument/a>
B.23Andjela Laudanović Calcium imaging of cerebellar granular neurons in culture acutely treated with cerebrospinal fluid of patients with neurodegenerative diseases
B.25Mihajlo Radmilović Fluorescent products upon heme degradation as potential biomarkers: Understanding their formation via Hemoglobin oxidation

Topic 5 - Devices and components

D.C.1Krassimir Temelkov High-power diffraction-limited laser systems with variable output characteristics oscillating in visible spectral range on atomic copper self-terminating transitions for advanced material microprocessing
D.C.3Novak Stanojević Dependence of Transport Parameters on Interface Composition Diffusion and Doping Segregation in Longitudinal Optical Phonon, Bound to Continuum and Hybrid THz Quantum Cascade Laser Designs
D.C.4Aleksandar Atić Investigation of intersubband transitions in wide bandgap oxide quantum well structures for optoelectronic device applications
D.C.5Kolja Bugarski Multiport splitters based on waveguide arrays
D.C.6Mirjana Stojanović Optical interconnects and filters based on waveguide arrays
D.C.8Teodora Pavličević The influence of injection barriers on performance of organic solar cells studied by drift-diffusion model with transport layers

Topic 6 - Optical communications

O.C.2Jelena Trajković OAM mode quality comparisons for discrete EM radiating sources

Topic 7 - Laser spectroscopy and metrology

L.S.1Mihailo Rabasović An upgrade of the primary length standard of Republic of Serbia
L.S.2Vani Tankova Combined spectroscopic approach for the characterization of pigments used in prehistoric pottery from the region of Western Bulgaria

Topic 8 - Ultrafast optical phenomena

U.O.1Nikola Stojanović Femtosecond laser spectroscopy for Exploration of Space

Topic 9 - Laser - material interaction

L.M.1Nevena Božinović Preparing the bioactive surface of Ti/Zr/Ti system by femtosecond laser pre-patterning of substrate
L.M.2Suzana Petrović Selective ablation and laser induced periodical surface structures (LIPSS) produced on (Ni/Ti) nano layer thin film with ultrafast laser pulses
L.M.7Mioljub Nešić The analysis of the influence of optical absorbance on photothermally induced surface temperature variations in a thin sample of high optical transparence
L.M.8Jelena Stašić Interaction of ns laser with 316L-NiB stainless steel obtained by powder metallurgy - morphological effects and LIBS analysis
L.M.9Milan Trtica ns-Laser - Titanium Interaction: Hydrogen Ambience
L.M.10Liliya Angelova Design of femtosecond microstructured Poly Lactic Acid temporal cellular scaffolds coated with Hydroxyapatite by PLD method for bone tissue regeneration

Topic 10 - Optical metamaterials and plasmonics

O.M.P.1Marko Obradov All-dielectric optical metasurfaces for sensing of substances with identical real parts of refractive index
O.M.P.2Ivan Radović Electron energy loss spectroscopy of multilayered structures: Theoretical aspects and the role of graphene-insulator distance
O.M.P.4Goran Isić Terahertz transmission through metal-insulator-metal cavity arrays infiltrated by liquid crystals
O.M.P.6Danka Stojanović Rosette based metamaterial for circularly polarized terahertz waves manipulation

Topic 11 - Machine learning in photonics

M.L.P.1Maja Rabasović Remote temperature sensing using upconverting phosphor and artificial neural networks
M.L.P.3Lenka Brestovački Low-Cost Raspberry Pi based Imaging System for Analysis of Fiber Specklegram Sensors

Topic 12 - Other topics in photonics

O.P.2Lidia Zaharieva Using Laser-Induced Fluorescence Technique for Interdisciplinary Natural Sciences School Experiment
O.P.3Diego Roman Cortes One dimensional SP lattices based on Photonic Molecules
O.P.6Tatiana Contino Supercell Metasurfaces: Hierarchical Designs and Experimental Validation
O.P.8Ivana Jokić Refractive index change caused by biomolecular adsorption and structural transformations of adsorbed molecules in ultrasensitive plasmonic biosensors
O.P.9Sladjana Babić Characterization and Testing of Fiber Optic Curvature Sensor as an Optical Mode Converter for Deformation Measurement
O.P.10Patryk Sokolowski Application of polymer optical fiber sensor for urine parameter measurements: a preliminary study