Poster presentations

Poster dimensions

In order to prepare your poster presentation, we inform you that the maximal poster dimensions are 95 cm (width) and 230 cm (height).

Poster sessions

poster session I
Tuesday, August 27th 2019
17:40 - 19:40 h
Topics: 1, 2, 4, 12
poster session II
Thursday, August 29th 2019
16:45 - 18:45 h
Topics: 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10
poster session
Monday & Tuesday,
August 26-27th 2019
Topic: 11
* For topics number, please refer to the Book of abstracts.

Poster awards

Three awards will be given: two for the best poster presentations at PHOTONICA2019 (provided by OSA and EPS) and one for the best poster presentation at Symposium: ML-PHOTONICA2019 (provided by Microsoft Development Center Serbia).

All students participating in PHOTONICA2019 will be interviewed at the registration desk whether they want their posters to be considered for the awards.

All posters submitted to ML-PHOTONICA2019 (topic 11) will be considered for the award by default.

Poster preview

- At this webpage, all PHOTONICA2019 participants can preview the upcoming conference posters in advance.

- All participants who have chosen to present a poster at PHOTONICA2019 are encouraged to send the pdf version of poster to Webmaster:

Topic 1 - Quantum optics and ultracold systems

QO.3Vladimir Veljic Degenerate Fermi gases of polar molecules with tilted dipoles
QO.5Petar Bojovic Exploring the Fermi-Hubbard model with a quantum gas microscope
QO.8Dusan Vudragovic Ground state and collective modes of dipolar BECs

Topic 2 - Nonlinear optics

NO.2Jadranka Vasiljevic Waveguiding in Mathieu photonic lattices
NO.10Dr. Marija Stojanovic-Krasic Localized modes in two-dimensional “plus” lattice
NO.12Dr. Aleksej Rodin Designer kit for an affordable and compact 0.1 – 1 TW laser

Topic 3 - Optical materials

OM.2Prof. Jovan Setrajcic Confinement Effects on Absorptionof Molecular Crystalline Nanofilms

Topic 4 - Biophotonics

B.14Marjan Miletic Long-period grating sensors for the measurement of apexcardiogram

Topic 5 - Devices and components

DC.7Dr. Krassimir Temelkov High-beam quality sealed-off laser systems oscillating in middle infrared spectral range on strontium atomic transitions for application in material science and medicine

Topic 6 - Optical communications

Topic 7 - Laser spectroscopy and metrology

Topic 8 - Ultrafast optical phenomena

Topic 9 - Laser - material interaction

LM.1Dr. Bojan Resan Laser micromachining of sub-micron hole patterns and gratings for X-ray interferometry imaging
LM.7Dr. Milan Trtica Titanium target irradiation by picosecond laser in air and water – surface morphology and synthesis of nanoparticles

Topic 10 - Optical metamaterials and plasmonics

OMP.9Marek Kozon Confinement of light through realistic 3D cavity superlattices

Topic 11 - Machine learning in photonics

MLP.1Dr. Ana Mancic Deep learning based classification of high intensity light patterns in photorefractive crystals
MLP.2Nikola Zoric Automated design and global optimization of projection lenses for lithography based on global search algorithms

Topic 12 - Other topics in photonics

OP.6Srdjan Stavric Understanding trends in lithium binding at two-dimensional materials
OP.8Dr. Nikolay Dimitrov Inverted Field Interferometer for Measuring the Topological Charge of Optical Vortices