Welcome to Belgrade!

Dear Colleague,

You are cordially invited to participate at the IX International School and Conference on Photonics - PHOTONICA2023 that will take place in Belgrade, Serbia (August 28 - September 01, 2023).

PHOTONICA2023 will include five days of tutorial, keynote and invited lectures, progress reports, contributed talks and poster presentations. It is conceived as a school for educating young scientists and the conference facilitating the exchange of new ideas and knowledge in cutting-edge research in Europe and beyond. It brings together not only scientists from academic and government research institutions, but also the partners from the high-tech industry. This concept proved to be very successful in the last six meetings, with the participation of more than 200 eminent scientists, young researchers, and companies representatives from the field of photonics.

We are looking forward to seeing you at PHOTONICA2023 in August 2023!

PHOTONICA2023 will host PhoBioS COST Action “Understanding interaction light – biological surfaces: possibility for new electronic materials and devices”

The main goal of the PhoBioS COST Action is to bring together scientists coming from distinct disciplines into this vibrant field of research, focusing on the photonic effects of nano-and micro-structuring of biological surfaces and their bionic applications.
This event will be happening from Wednesday 30th of August until Friday, 1st of September in SASA 1st floor Hall 2. The program of the Training School can be found here.

PHOTONICA2023 will have NATO Science for Peace and Security Program (grant G5618) workshop "Biological and bioinspired structures for multispectral surveillance"

The workshop is dedicated to multispectral surveillance systems inspired by evolution-optimized nano- and micro-structures of insect wings. Compared to conventional systems, which are restricted to narrow spectral bands, these systems cover electromagnetic radiation ranging from ultraviolet to infrared.

This workshop will be held on Tuesday, 29th of August, from 10:00 - 13:00, in SASA 1st floor Hall 3.

PHOTONICA2023 will host workshop on "Quantum sensing integration within microfluidic Lab-on-a Chips for biomedical applications" supported by BioQantSense project.

LoCs systems, thanks to advances in fabrication technologies and to the advent of novel materials, can be designed with embedded structures whose micron-sized dimensions enable to easily handle reduced quantity of fluids as well as to perform multiplexing analysis on the same restricted volumes while avoiding cross-contamination. The workshop will focus on: 1. Integration, miniaturizations and preparation of LoC, 2. Novel materials for LoC, 3. Interfaces of LoC with optical set-up.

This workshop will be on Thursday, 31st of August, from 11:00 - 14:00, in SASA 1st floor Hall 3. The program for BioQantSense workshop can be seen here.

PHOTONICA2023 will host workshop BioPhysFUN which is a part of the project "Advanced BioPhysical Methods for Soil Targeted FUNgi-Based Biocontrol Agents" funded by the Science Fund of the Republic of Serbia through the Green program of cooperation between science and industry.

The workshop is dedicated to the development of the state-of-the-art nonlinear optical microscopic (laser nano surgery) and electrophysiological techniques, expanding their applicability for fungi-based biocontrol agents used to protect environment by replacing common chemical pesticides.

This workshop will be held on Thursday, 31st of August, from 14:30 - 20:00, in SASA 1st floor Hall 3. The program for BioPhysFUN workshop can be seen here.