Topics & Program

1. Quantum optics and ultracold systems
2. Nonlinear optics
3. Optical materials
4. Biophotonics
5. Devices and components
6. Optical communications
7. Laser spectroscopy and metrology
8. Ultrafast optical phenomena
9. Laser - material interaction
10. Optical metamaterials and plasmonics
Machine learning in photonics (for the first time at PHOTONICA)
12. Other topics in photonics

In addition to the standard topics of the conference, in Photonica2019 we are introducing a new one - Machine learning in photonics, having in mind that applications from data science and machine learning are finding their way into photonics and have a growing impact on the different fields of physics.

PHOTONICA2019 will include five days of:

  • Tutorial talks (2*35 min)
  • Keynote lectures (45 min)
  • Invited lectures (30 min)
  • Progress reports (20 min)
  • ** Contributed talks (15 min)
  • Poster presentations.

** The authors of abstracts have possibility to apply for 15 min oral presentation (contributed talk) when submitting their abstracts. 10-15 of submitted abstracts will be selected for contributed talks. The authors of the selected abstracts will be informed about the decision before the conference in order to prepare their presentation. Regardless, abstract selected for contributed talk can be presented at poster sessions, too.

PHOTONICA2019 daily schedule

Click on the day to see the full schedule for that day at PHOTONICA2019.

Final timetable for PHOTONICA2019 and joint events

ML - Photonica2019 - Tentative timetable

ESUO Regional Workshop at PHOTONICA2019 - Timetable

CA16221 - AtomQT Meeting -Tentative timetable